We fire our electric kiln almost daily with bisque and some

low fire glaze pieces.

•    Bring your pieces clearly signed with your last name.

•    Have your work dry or almost dry.

  1.    Know what clay you have used and its temperature

     range, low fire or high fire.

Firing:   Minimum $1 firing fee for any piece.

$30.00 for a shelf load, 18”x18” up to 6 inches high.

$15.00 for 1/2 a shelf load

Per piece:  3 cents per cubic inch for a bisque firing.

                4 cents per cubic inch for a glaze fire @cone5

                5 cents per cubic inch for a glaze fire @cone8-10

You can rent the whole electric kiln for $120.00 and we will fire it for you. 

Note: We do not fire the Electric Kiln to cones 5-6 or any other medium range, only low fire for low fire glazes and bisque, which are occasionally mixed and fired at the same time.


Please call first if you have a lot of pieces.

Clay:    WE SELL CLAY  $20 for a 25lb bag.

Firing and Glazing:
IMPORTANT!!! We take every precaution to fire pieces carefully, but we can’t be responsible for pieces that crack or break during firing, sorry.
cone 10
Come by!!  We’re at 4630 Burnet Rd., Austin, Tx, 78704                    512-453-2111