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Austin artists creating one of a kind pieces.  Come visit the workshop and showroom.

Custom handmade pottery, classes & more.

4630 Burnet Rd Austin, TX 78756

Open 10-6 Tuesday thru Friday, 10-5 Saturday and Sunday… But if we’re here, we’re OPEN!!

The Shop has new stuff every week.

Browse the showroom for one of a kind creations.  Find functional, artistic, whimsical and practical pieces.  Watch as new creations are made. Or get inspired by glaze colors and shapes and place a custom order for dinner plates, bowls or anything you can dream up.

Classes are rewarding and fun! Learn a new skill...

Group classes meet once a week for 6 weeks, $250.  Private classes $50/hr or $40/hr for 3 or more.  

Call to reserve a group spot or private class time. 512-453-2111

Firing the kiln is hot... just like the Babes who work here.

We provide low-fire electric kiln and high-fire gas kiln firings. 

Get everyone together...

Birthday Parties, Team Building, Bridal Parties, Baby Showers.

Call to reserve a time and coordinate details. 512-453-2111

Come visit us!.. Watch as we create. Shop in the gallery. And sign up for classes.

Judy conroy
Potter, Artist
Rebeccah LauraLee Polk
Potter, Artist
Hannah Bligh
Potter, Artist
Potter, Artist

Here's the nitty gritty:


6:30-9:00 pm. Classes meet once a week, on the same day each week, for 6 weeks.  The days of the week that classes are offered may vary.  Call to reserve a spot.

$250.00 includes the first 25 pounds of clay and includes 38” squared of bisque firing, glazing, and high firing.  It includes instruction in throwing on the wheel, hand-building and the use of molds and texture.  

$25 Deposit holds your spot.

Limited to seven students, any level of experience.

Please call 453-2111 to make a reservation. 


Just call to make an appointment!

$50/hr per person up to 2 people.

$40/hr per person for 3 or more.

Private classes include clay.

Firing is extra.


Please Call 512-453-2111 to arrange a day and time and to get rates.

Minimum 5 people required for an event.  

Events include clay and instruction.   Firing and glazing are extra.

See the “Classes” page for details on group or private classes.


We fire our electric kiln almost daily with bisque and some low fire glaze pieces. 

•    Bring your pieces clearly signed with your last name. 
•    Have your work dry or almost dry. 
   Know what clay you have used and its temperature range, low fire or high fire. 

Minimum $1 firing fee for any piece.
$30.00 for a shelf load, 18”x18” up to 6 inches high.
$15.00 for 1/2 a shelf load
Per piece:  3 cents per cubic inch for a bisque firing.
                  4 cents per cubic inch for a glaze fire @cone5
                   5 cents per cubic inch for a glaze fire @cone8-10

You can rent the whole electric kiln for $120.00 and we will fire it for you. 

Note: We do not fire the Electric Kiln to cones 5-6 or any other medium range, only low fire for low fire glazes and bisque, which are occasionally mixed and fired at the same time.

Please call first if you have a lot of pieces.

WE SELL CLAY  $20 for a 25lb bag.


        1. Description and size
        2. Colors
        3. A deposit

Most people look in our showroom for ideas about shapes and colors.  It takes approximately two weeks to a month to complete an order.  Pottery has many steps and it takes time. Glazes are personal choices.   Colors are like members of a family.  They vary somewhat from firing to firing but in the end a set will blend nicely and look like all pieces belong. If you prefer to order by phone from out of town allow four to six weeks for arrival depending on the size of the order.  We ship via US Mail and charge the packing and shipping to you.  We need your input to say “I want browns, blue green, light or dark, etc”  We have many colors to work with and can surely come up with something that is to your liking.

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